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#78 The Alternative Strategy: The money investing strategies of society 2.0 with Boris Peysakhov

February 17, 2021

Is the traditional financial model that you have been following failing to provide you the financial freedom, or, are you concerned that the financial model you are following isn't going to provide you what you need in your future?

This is a special episode where my amazing friend Boris Peysakhov provides education on alternative investment strategies, and how those compare with the "traditional" investment model.

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Boris Peyaskhov is a biohacker, futurist, crypto-currency investor & plant medicine enthusiast whose vision is at the leading edge of human optimization and expansion of consciousness.  Boris spends his time educating his community on alternative investments (such as crypto currencies, gold and silver), the benefits of plant medicine, particularly micro-dosing “magic mushrooms” as well as speaking about what his vision of Society 2.0 looks like. 

His mission is to assist in supporting humanity in its' global transition from society 1.0 to society 2.0 by empowering and educating the general public about the possibilities of what a future society can look like.  

Boris offers his expertise on the various tools which are available in helping to streamline society’s transition into a new way of being and co-creating a beautiful, evolved, heart based world together.

Check out The Alternative Strategy Here and save yourself 10% by applying the coupon SAVE10


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