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#80 How Probiotics Can Heal Your Gut With Tina Anderson

March 24, 2021

Probiotics are one of the best ways to improve your gut health -- but how do you know your probiotic is actually working? In this episode of TribeTalk, Dr. V and Ann talking with Tina Anderson, a former in house counsel for a major pharmaceutical company turned health and wellness advocate. Tina created her own line of probiotics after her frustration with the abuses in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Tina Anderson’s journey into the world of health had a unique start and some unusual turns. She began her career as a trial lawyer who specialized in settling cases by bringing both sides together, a personal passion of hers. After the birth of her second child, tina’s career shifted gear and she became the in-house counsel for a family pharmaceutical company. Frustrated by the many abuses in the pharmaceutical industry, Tina turned toward the field of natural health, and found her life’s work. Tina;s passion became gut health, and along with her husband created a unique probiotic supplement.



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