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#81 Soaking in Magnesium Baths with Kristen Bowen

April 14, 2021

In this episode of TribeTalk, Dr. V and Ann learn all about the benefits of magnesium soaks from a woman who used the treatment as part of her healing journey from a severe titanium allergy. Kristen Bowen is a magnesium advocate, social entrepreneur, and  Founder of Living The Good Life Naturally. It took a complete health crash that led Kristen to create Living the Good Life Naturally in 2002. A bladder surgery where titanium was put into her body left Kristen bedridden, depressed, and in a wheelchair with daily seizures. Since overcoming that health crisis - she has spent the last two decades helping women become comfortable with their power, so that they can create optimal health.

Starting with one-on-one consultations with clients, to farmers markets for the bath and body line, Kristen’s business quickly moved from the small kitchen and extra bedroom in her home to a retail space in Logan, Utah. She hosted a Rocky Mountain  radio show for seven years on KVNU Talk Radio where she answered questions on natural health. This led to workshops, and keynote opportunities at natural health conferences. This quickly led into needing a full-time team to produce products, deal with marketing, and run our retail shop, online classes, and guest podcasting/live classes.

Kristen lives in Morro Bay, California with her husband, Morgan, a recent double amputee.  Together they are learning to dance to a new rhythm. They have six adult children, seven perfect grandchildren, and one adorable Shih Tzu named Louis.


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