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#86 If you don’t pay for your health, you WILL pay for your sickness with Krisstina Wise

August 24, 2022

What is the price tag you put on your health?  Is it $100? $1,000? $100,000? How about $1,000,000?

In today's episode, I interview Krisstina Wise who is one of the top money coaches in the country. I personally know her and she is my personal money coach. Krisstina and I have similar stories. We are similar in age, and many years ago we both were business owners and single moms, and we both got very sick... almost to the point of death. We both lost our businesses.  

The difference is that Krisstina knew how to manage and grow her wealth. When she got sick her investments were still making money, which was good because she spent $500,000 dollars to save her life and another $500,000 to get her health and vitality back and optimize her body and mind!

I, on the other hand, made a mistake and reinvested all my money back into my business. When I got really sick and couldn’t work anymore, my income disappeared and I didn’t have any other source of income for me and I couldn’t afford to find the right help. I lost my home and ended up living in my car.

Here are a couple of amazing resources for you that I wish I had. Please check them out below

  • Take Krisstina's money quiz HERE
  • Check out Krisstina's money courses HERE

Who is Krisstina Wise?
Krisstina is my personal financial coach, and the owner and founder of "WealthyWellthy". A life architecture company. Designed to help you find the intersection of financial wealth and vibrant health.

She understands sacrificing one for the sake of the other. But both are required to live a good life. WealthyWellthy is the container showing you how to make millions and feel like a million bucks. At the same time. So that you can take charge of the money, health, and happiness. And live life on your terms.

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