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[Tribe Talk] The Fear / Immune System Connection

April 1, 2020

Did you know our fears can effect our immune system? Believe it, as we have Marcelle Pick NP, joining us in this episode of TribeTalk. Marcelle will be going in depth with the fear / immune system connection, and what you can do to abolish fear and resonate with peace to keep your body healthy.

Marcelle was honored to be among the first to be certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner and is currently an educator with The Institute of Functional Medicine. Marcelle has served as a Medical Advisor to Healthy Living Magazine. You can connect with her weekly newsletters at, and get the latest information on a variety of topics including weight loss resistance, infertility, stress & illness, and adrenal dysfunction. She has appeared on Dr. Oz, FOX, and ABC and has been featured in Glamour Magazine, ELLE Magazine and Women’s World Magazine.



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